Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I decided to try out another character this time female.
Using a line of action was perticuarly helpful with the pose on the left. I liked the idea and overal way the character dressed (baggy clothes and fast movements, how FUN!), but the face needed some work.
I got very close on the second try (right), and on the third I was very content with what I had drawn. Again the sketch on the left was helped with line of action, too bad it's not very good (perspective is waaaaaaaay off). On the bottom left are a bunch of possible names, I wanted her to be Eastern European, I selected Hungarain names and culture because my oldest sister's boyfriend is Hungarian and he's pretty spiffy. I decided to select the name Zigana which roughly translates to 'Gypsy,' but i think everyone will call her ZiZi for short. I might name the cat above Paliki, but i need to work on the cat's look.
Once I get a selected look that i can agree with the sketches look so much better. anyway i did a full body drawing, she's on her tip-toes for some reason. And everything else show stretch & squash and different angles. Everything to me seems fine, all i want to work with is the front, but only the hair. Oh also the scarf on the position looking up isn't in the correct perspective, i really need to watch out for that.
I traced them in Flash and added color to see what she might look like all cleaned up. not too shabby (for me at least).

I showed a friend the completed designs you see above and she said that it reminded her of the Gorillaz. I was flattered because i do very much like the band, but at the same i was insulted because even though they can be drawn from most angles going left and right, it's a little harder drawing them up and down.

Oh dear.

Do a google search of the word Gorillaz and you will be hard pressed to find pictures of them looking upward or down. I luckily, now know how to make characters without that flaw. But to be fair to Jamie Hewlett, i did go through a huge Gorillaz doodle phase where everything i drew was in that style.

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