Monday, November 23, 2009

Preston Blair

I got Preston Blair's book earlier this month, and have been devouring it. I have many drawings some better than others. During my studies however it wasn't till recently that i noticed that i stopped using the colored pencil bases... That was bad, the moment i picked them up again my drawings improved and looked closer to the desired produt. I'll be posting more of these from time to time. I also hope that i'll also be posting more often.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jack Horkheimer

I'm going to try using Flash more often so I get used to it. I made a couple caricatures of the infamous Star Gazer choose my favorite and digitally inked and painted him in.

God, he's old. I've been watching him since I was little, and I'm 20. My mom was watching him as a kid and she's 49! And he's still on PBS reminding us to "keep looking up."

He's a really tricky reference you'd think for being on T.V. since the 70's even if it was only for five minutes there would be better quality pictures of you when you did a google image search. Guess I was wrong.