Monday, May 31, 2010

layout sneak-peak!

Here's a picture (cropped) of a short little 'toon I'm going to try and work on, I hope i can get far, i have attempted to make shorts in the past but have lost interest or have gotten stuck. Not only that but I didn't know much about the process, which also lead to roadblocks. I started layout and it's extremely difficult, once I'm done i have a feeling I'm going to start all over or make many, many corrections. However, once layout is finished it might be all down hill from there, I imagine it to be time-consuming but not as technical as layout.

I hope you like the general look, I've been studying some Chuck Jones expressions, the way he works with eyes are fantastic, and the hands will be inspired by Witch Hazel's hands (Broomstick Bunny). I'm doing layout and maybe the extreme drawings by hand, then I'll scan them and digitally ink them, and breakdowns and inbetweens will also be filled in digitally. I'm also working on one of the backgrounds and it's coming out well. I'm going to digitally paint the backgrounds as well, right now I'm using corel painter not photoshop.

I've never done a short planned like this, so i'm sure to experience bumps along the way. does anyone have comments or suggestions about my process or how they go about doing layout? If so please comment.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Via Comet

Sorry I haven't uploaded in such a long time. I have been doing lots of doodles but I'm becoming more nit-picky about what to post. I'm going to try and have nice "finished" looking drawings like the one above. I realized that i'm not that fantastic at painting, it's something that I really need to work on.