Monday, August 24, 2009


it's the wee hours of the morning, i haven't gone to sleep just yet. I decided to check John's blog and i found a section of "cute" drawing younger, human characters. It has made me realize that the character that i drew in the previous post is FAR from finished. I think by finally getting a taste of understanding how to place forms in the correct space once again has made me over-confident, but I think a larger reason was due to the fact that i was also exhausted of drawing this character over and over trying to understand how to construct him properly while still maintaining a style that i felt was reflective of myself. I'm going to try and draw him again using Preston Blair's Baby head motif.

John's Blog is so infinitely large, i am overwhelmed by how much information is contained by only 3 years of dedicated posting. It's a labyrinth of knowledge of observations, i've stumbled upon it before, but i only started reading it 2 weeks ago.

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