Sunday, August 23, 2009


There's a question-mark at the end because i'll be posting another step-by-step drawing and it is much easier to follow. So first up, we have some light sketches of the basic forms. A circle and ellipse for the head, ellipses for hands, weird oblong shape for the bow-tie, etc.

Here I started putting in some facial features, I started to lay out the shape of the feet and fingers, etc.finished the hands, here i noticed the his right arm is at the wrong angle, i correct the problem. i start on the hat.I finish the hat, add wrinkles in the tie, gloves and face. I draw in his wings, and darken the lines. All that was left to do now is shade in the image.
There are a couple problems with this reproduction and the original, first the left leg needs to be closer to his left hand. His left had appears to be smaller than his right hand which for perspectives sake can't be right because his left is the closest to us. And everything else would be more subtle, i need to work on the forms a bit more, and i didn't use a line of action which is also bad.

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