Monday, August 24, 2009

Nightmare and Cowboy Elf

Okay, so i started on John K's reference drawing to see if i can apply some ideas of construction and hierarchy (which is kind of a weird thing to explain, but i think i know what he means by it) to the image.

First image is not terribly exciting it's just the lines of actions, we have the horse, elf-thing, and the big bad wolf running away, i also included the smoke trail and the hill in which our main characters are settled.Alright now i'm building up some basic shapes and forms of the protagonists.
I check to make sure that the wolf's line of action is in the right spot by measuring his distance with the original drawing using the thickest width of the horses neck. He is about 3 necks away from our characters, i have him in the wrong spot and i correct it. I also do some quick formations of the trees that frame him.
i add the forms of the smoke trails. the bushes and some tree details.
I start building up on the horse and elf, i become discouraged when i realize that the head isn't fat enough and i've venture too far.
discouraged i move to the trees and add the individual branches
I see that his hat is in the wrong spot so i move it, i also add the leaves on the tree and return to the shapes and details of the horse.
i start forming the smoke trail and the foreground bush
The tail was the most intimidatings part so i save it for last, turned out as long as i knew forms and broke it down it only took a minute or two.
All that's left now is to darken the lines!
and there you have it. I'm perticurally proud of this one, even though the faces are a tad off the most important things are in the right place and it's a clean easily understandible drawing.

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