Saturday, August 22, 2009

Alright, day 2 of old school doodling. I'm starting to get better, the inconsistancies have been less obvious and I've been better understanding construction. I think the Basset Hound ref is a good example of my progress.
I've started noticing that i draw a little too big for the paper...

i have pictures of the build-up of both of these i'll make a post about it tomorrow. There are glaring problems with the original, espicially the one on the right, that left foot needed to be closer to the hand and the left had also needs to be larger than his right, the perspective isn't right. The one on the left i didn't do to bad, my only complaint is that the how his right foot bends was supposed to be more curved and organic as opposed the the more harsh and angular way that i have it drawn, I like angular and harsh but unfourtunatly that's not how they did it in the 30's and 40's.

Okay, these are my favorite, I think I mentioned in my last post about how much i perfer Chuck Jones over the other animators at the time, one of the reasons where his eyes. The way he did terrified and forlorn expressions are priceless to me, the one on the left is from Mouse Wreckers, which reminded me of one of my favorite cartoons "Feed the Kitty" and the dead-inside expression Marc Anthony made after thinking that his beloved kitty was baked into a cookie. He has saggy breasts for eyes, Also the way his muzzel just slides off his face and droops really helps his expression, his hunchback is another nice touch.

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