Monday, November 1, 2010

Adams Vs. Glass

Sorry that nothing has been posted in a while. I've been house sitting, so I had no scanner for a couple of weeks. As a result many of drawings have been built up which would have otherwise been posted. Let's fix that...

Lately, my musical tastes have been focusing on minimalist and post-minimalist. It's been growing since I've been listening to John Adams (below).

For a long time my appreciation for minimalist music has been ruined by one man: Philip Glass (below). For some reason Glass has been the poster-boy for minimalist music. It must be that his music best embodies what minimalism is. Where as Adams, typically referred to as a post-minimalist, is what a typical audience would like minimalism to be; I am that audience member. I like Adams work because it's far more inviting. He gives you a space and allows you to explore it. Glass on the other hand I find to be a bit harsher, it's also ugly sounding (his later work is better). 

Other composers that has been peaking my interest is Steven Reich and Arvo Part.

Also, I heard someone say that Fox News uses a blue background for someone they want you to like and red for the ones they want you to disagree with. Weird considering red = Republican and blue = Democrat. Anyway, the idea behind it was interesting so I used it; Papermate - fair & balanced. 

In the above image towards the left, notice how Glass' nostrils have been played with, the upside down ones are the most bizarre. 

more to come.

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