Sunday, November 14, 2010

Inspiration: An Opera Singer

I'm not the biggest fan of opera, occasionally there's a song that I fall in love with. During one of my plunges into the depths of the internet this gem came into play.

This video had me completely entranced. Not just the power of Wagner or the purity of the soprano's voice, but the expressions on the soprano. I just kept watching it repeatedly looking at her face. 

Her eyes are the first thing I noticed. The eye on the right is open a lot wider than the other, and the eye on the left looks like it wants to sag off the face. 

I think it's interesting when the lips cover teeth. 

Her face is facing one direction but her mouth is facing another!

Her bottom teeth appeared to have been quite prominant through the piece. She has an interesting set of bottom teeth, very long and narrow.

I'm not sure if it's just the aspect ratio or her, but she takes squash and stretch to a whole new meaning.

The one above is probably my favorite. The song got quite dramatic, so did her face.  

I feel that the ends justify the means. She's not there to be pretty (even though she is), she's there to make powerful, moving music. Sometimes I think it's the opposite in todays standards.  

I am working on new drawings. Be patient. 

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