Thursday, October 21, 2010

Old School Caricatures!

Good caricature is hard to come-by these days, like with much of art it seems the pinnacle of the medium happened before the 20th century. Whilst waiting for my next class in the library I decided to go through the selection there (my school library has a great selection on art) and there they had "Master's of Caricature." In it was a long list of great caricature artists of a bygone era. I wrote a list of all my favorites.

HonorĂ© Daumier (February 26, 1808 – February 10, 1879)

This one below is BEAUTIFUL!

This one below isn't a caricature, but it's still awesome!

Daumier also made amazing sculptures!

Jean-Pierre Dantan (1800-1869)
Masterpiece. It's a shame I can't find anything else this good, and when I do it's thumbnail size only.

Louis-LĂ©opold Boilly (5 July 1761 – 4 January 1845)
Boilly has been one of my favorites for quite some time, a lot of his caricatures come from a book that was very popular at the time called "Les Grimaces."

Not only was Boilly a wonderful caricaturist but he was a master painter.

Georges Goursat (1863-1934)

Sidney Sime (1867 – May 22, 1941)
Was mostly known for being a fantasy artist, but on the side he did killer caricature! Sadly there isn't very much available online and the ones available are not very big or substandard quality.

Sir Henry Maximilian "Max" Beerbohm (August 24, 1872 – May 20, 1956)

This below was found on Christies website, it sold for $2,344. Jeeze! I sure hope the look at it.

Jean Veber (1868-1928)
Not a fan of most of his stuff, but I did love this. Haw! 

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (24 November 1864 – 9 September 1901)

The lines in this one are beautiful, Art Nouveau was highly influenced by Eastern Art, maybe Lautrec was looking at Chinese brush paintings?

Man, the use of tinted paper is lovely, makes me want to do it!

Henry (Harry) Furniss (March 26, 1854 - January 14, 1925)
Claude Monet (14 November 1840 – 5 December 1926)
That's right, the king of impressionism started off making caricatures as a schoolboy and actually sold off a couple. Who would of thought a guy who painted water-lilies all day had a great sense of humor?

Lyonel Charles Feininger (July 17, 1871 – January 13, 1956)
This gentleman was mentioned in the book I couldn't find very much in terms of caricature, but I did find all these AMAZING paintings! It was too good not to share. 

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  1. By the gods, these are BRILLIANT!!! I will have to find books on these people. I am so glad I came to this blog. Two thumbs up my friend!!