Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekend Inspiration!

Every couple of years an author will bestow upon the public a work of literature that is a milestone, a work that is new and radically different from it's predecessors. Works like "Ulysses," "Atlas Shrugged," "The Catcher in the Rye," and "Slaughterhouse Five."

Andy Griffith's "Zombie Butts From Uranus" the long awaited sequel to his New York Times Bestseller "The Day My Butt Went Psycho" is one of those books. I was shocked to find it at my neighborhood Goodwill for the trifling sum of 10 cents!

Book cover

British cover

And just for you and the rest of the world, I've decided to give you all a sneak peak by posting the warning page and the entire glossary.

In case your inept at detecting sarcasm, I was being just that; sarcastic. The warning is not far from off from the truth, it's a very difficult read. Not in the sense that "Ulysses" is complex, "Atlas Shrugged" is enormous, or "The Tropic of Cancer" explicit. This book is just stupid, painfully stupid. It's not like a short Dr. Seuss book either, it's 258 pages of absurdity. However, i have to say I am pretty inspired by that glossary and am thinking about illustrating some of them over the weekend so look out for that.

Butt-Papermate (n.): The same as the blog Papermate, except browner, and smellier. Avoid.

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