Tuesday, July 13, 2010

more sketches!

People in Elle magazine
Taylor Swift is all the way on the right

     Recently I've discovered two websites, one from Kristen McCabe called They Fight Crime. TFC generates a hilarious Duo of oddball characters that fight crime together. The other I found is called Fellow Humans and has pictures of many many people from different locations, this is great for caricature. I've only done two, the other caricatures was in a diner.
      Waffle Woman however is my own creation, yet it wasn't till 2 days after creating her that she was very reminisant of Powdered Toast Man, except she's a vigilante spy but she's inspired by an Abbott & Costello joke and TFC.

This page just has some random stuff, Ruby Poolcue is of course the symbol
of affection from Lou Costello, and Leslie Beanbag is his shrewd neighbor.
I got some Bavarian architecture, and the first drawing of Waffel-woman and Pizza-face!

All of these are based of TFC, the top two I adjusted for my own tastes, an opera singer that becomes obese and a black woman from the 1970s with her Disco Fortune Ball.

Sketches of Marc Anthony from Chuck Jones' "Feed The Kitty"

Strangers with Candy bit players and Shawn White caricatures

more to come!

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