Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Here's some really old doodles i found that i did. This is my little sister.
the person in the glasses is me, the guy with the long hair is my sisters boyfriend and the bubble girl is my step-sister. we were playing with the camera built into my mac and i decided to doodle them it was really fun!
here's the shitty-kitty section. The black cat is Peeps, my cat. the fluffy cat is Asimo my friends cat, it doesn't look much like that but i'm still working on it. i'm not a big fan of drawing animals. The cat that i scratched off looks like some mutant anime furry drawing. Out of pure hatred i tried to scribble it off the paper, but to no avail.
Some caricatures i did of my dad's friends.
I went to the library near my house with a pen and some paper and found a really neat book about the Disney Studio, and one about comic books. Guess which one of the trees were done by Eyvind Earle?
More Pinocchio's as promised this time from the "Ain't Got No Strings" sequence.

I have my references on a new blog! Animation Reference Dump where i post nothing but stills of classic cartoons, i'll also be posting model sheets and other artwork like that. Hopefully it will be useful to you! Please check it out: http://referencedump.blogspot.com/

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