Friday, February 12, 2010

Pinocchio Comparisons

I saw "Pinocchio" for the first time online, I really enjoyed it, so much so that i snatched a bunch of stills to use as references, and boy golly did i get some good'ins! I decided to start of with one of my favorite scenes where Lampwick tells Pinocchio to take a BIG drag off the cigar. Pinocchio being extremely naive does so and suffers the consequence.
Above are my drawings, I'm doing 2 per page. Below are the original frames.

haha! Ouch, that looks painful just to look at.
Okee-Do-kee! Let's analyze this, shall we? There's actually a lot wrong. The eye left to us isn't slanted upward enough, the nose needs to be down and shifted to the right slightly, that threw off the mouth which the same needs to be done. The ear needs to be up and right more along with the hairline, the back of the head is not nearly big enough. The body isn't too bad but i need to watch out for those arms.
Face wise this isn't too shabby. The base of the nose needs to be larger, the ear needs to be shifted down along with jaw line and the back of the head needs to be extended further out. The Cigar however is waay off, and so is his bow-tie.

Ohhh! Is he gunna blow chunks??
Ewww. He sallowed it, gah-rose!
The major problem with this one is that the body is way too big (or the head is too small?). Otherwise in the face the main features seem to meet up just fine with the exception of the eyebrows and ears. Again the head needs to be extended in the back, the hat is too low in the front. The cheek on the left in just a tad-bit too big but not that bothersome to me.
This would be a pretty decent drawing... IF I FUCKING MOVED THE BACK OF THE HEAD AND EARS FURTHER BACK. That seems to be a huge problem. Along with that the jaw needs to be moved down further, and the tie moved in more. More minor issues would be that the left eyebrow needs to be shifted up and to the right a tad and the brim of the hat a little but up.

I loved this part, his eyes fill all the way to the top with tears and then when he closes them a huge waterfall pours out of his eyes. But right before it pours out the tears squash down like they do below.
Awesome, I know. Kudos to whoever planned this out.
WHOA! The head and ears are allllllmoooossst where they need to be, they're still off though. The eyebrows need to be placed further down, and the mouth needs to be scaled down a bit. The neck is way off and therefore the rest of the body even then the back of the collar is not at the right angle and needs to be facing away from his body more.
First thing i notice is that the neck is too long. and like the previous drawing the collar needs to be going away from the body more. The ears are near perfect! But the back of the head... you know. The jaw line needs to shift up and the left eyebrow needs to move left more. The mouth is placed too high. As for the nose, down more and larger.

Love the above expression!
Hey! What's the first thing you notice? EAR AND BACK OF HEAD!! everything else is either where it needs to be or close. For example the nose is too long and so is the cheek. The right eyebrow is a little high as well as the hat.

I am not sure what's going on with the hat so let's ignore it. Once yet again, ear... back of head. The jaw is down too low and the nose needs to be smaller aswell as the wrinkles. The body is too big and the bow needs to be upwards and over to the left more.

PHEW! There is a lot wrong going on in these pictures. Obviously I need to watch out for the ear and width of the head. Second i need to be cautious of the size of the head or body making sure one isn't too big than the other. My next issue I would say would be watching out for the eyebrows, nose-size, and jaw. The neck is also a problem. Those are the major ones that i notice right off that bat and what i'll start working on. I'll be posting more Pinocchio stuff, i got lots of stills of the lead, Gepetto, Jiminy Cricket, Figaro the Cat, Honest John, and Lampwick.

ALSO, if you have any critiques, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post them!

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  1. Hey Alberto,
    First off, I want to say thanks for following the Bulletin Board.

    Well, you're asking for critiques when you've pretty much hit every nail on the head. That's the beauty of comparisons, you become your own mentor. Just remember to take notes whenever you do them. That's all for now. Good luck, man.