Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Oh man i just couldn't wait to post these film stills of Carl Sagan from Cosmos, this is from episode VIII: "Travels In Space and Time" where he talks about traveling at the speed of light and what can be accomplished.

Anyway I'm thinking about redoing my caricature since i haven't done it in a while. I have some pictures of him looking in all directions to help me, but what I want to show you is this!

Here's what he might look like if you were a pretty lady across the bar.
I wish VLS were better quality... i'm sure it can i'm just an idiot.
Pucker up, if you were Ann Duyran this might of been a fimiliar sight.
Sagan's famous Church Lady impersonation.
About to puke on your favorite shirt.
Look how bummed out Sagan looks in H.G. Welles time machine. Cheer up, I'm sure you'll get it to work some day.
actually, you know what that thing makes me think of?

Here's a clip from the actual episode.

Thanks to Aaron for pointing out that i need to add the bottom lip in his caricature! and for being the first to comment.

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