Thursday, September 16, 2010

A House in Seattle.

For me, this is a study in perspective and making cartoony settings. Both of which are fairly difficult for me. This painting took me a long time to complete, I'm fairly happy with the finished product, but there's still some things that need to be refined! 

Below are the other drawings that were made in order to get to what you see above. 

This was the original concept for the house. The house is flat and therefore not very enticing to look at.

As it turned out to put that house in perspective was really difficult. So i made some sketches of a different but similar house, then i put that into perspective. The perspective drawing was actually made into a painting, but it turned out horrible. Why? The composition was very sloppy and didn't make sense. So all that was scrapped and had to be rethought. 

So I made some thumbnails trying to figure out the composition and try to get the house the attention it deserved. I moved it from the base of the hill to the top. I didn't really want to do it, but it made the most sense to do so.

Once that was done I made a rough drawing. 

That rough was scanned and i made a digital color key to figure out how it would be done, and to give me an idea if the drawing would work. All this while checking my email.

Once I approved the color key the rough was traced onto thick paper for painting.

A base paint coat was added to make sure everything still made sense.

Then i just kept painting and that's how I got what you see on the top of the page. I'm not a 'painter' by any means. But if anyone has any suggestions on improving my painting methods or would like to share their process please feel free to comment!

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