Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Caravaggio - An Exercise in Fanciness

Caravaggio is by far my painter who ever walked the face of the Earth. This is one of his early paintings (before he started doing his bleak church-commissioned paintings) call the musicians. The man peering over his shoulder looking right at you is the painter himself. A lot of painters at this time didn't do many self portraits but they would sneak themselves in their paintings some way or another. 

So here it is, my amateurish attempt of replicating masterpiece artwork. I do say that even though I do like copying from cartoons, copying renaissance period paintings is far more stimulating. There are lots of subtleties to look out for.

At first, i was having difficulty with the lips of the lute player, here's a page of the lips. I found the lips on all of the subjects to be very difficult to capture. Once i got it I made sure to make lots of notes so I wouldn't forget.

I didn't work much on Cupid. He really isn't the most interesting part of the painting just a device to suggest that the musicians are singing love songs. I worked on the body's a little, I have a horrible habit of only focusing on the heads. 

At this point the features are being played around a little more. 

Problems lay with the nose and mouth the bigger the mouth was the smaller the nose got. Also, for some reason or another the nose went from slightly bulbous to flat. 

Fairly proud of my Caravaggio render here. Below are the placements of the head. 

Didn't have an easy time caricaturing Caravaggio but these are first attempts and i haven't gotten much further than this. The most intriguing part of this gentlemen in the background is the neck, it's very graceful and swan-like, beautiful s-curve in the front. 

I know these aren't incredible renders, but I haven't posted in a while. Not only that, but there's lots to learn from these painters because they were excellent draftsmen and they use lots of forms and shapes which can be applied to my own work. 

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