Friday, August 13, 2010

Working w/ Flash!

Well i've dropped my pen and paper for a bit and picked up my tablet and stylus instead (I have been drawing on the side). I've been using Corel Painter and Flash. Flash b/c I really want to animate something,  and painter b/c I'm not that big of fan of photoshop painting. I've been meddling around trying to see what a final product might look like.  

don't ask me why, there is no finished product or anything commenced. I needed to fill the space and that was all I could think of. 

I don't think that programs like Flash should be used by themselves. They need the enhancement or accompaniment of another to really make it look convincing. Flash has SO MUCH potential, yet I rarely see it. 


There is hope though.
John K. and Nick Cross do excellent flash work. I'm sure there's more out there.

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