Monday, August 30, 2010


Not too many drawings this past couple of weeks, I've been busy reading about drawing. I got a copy of "The Practice & Science of Drawing" by Harold Speed, so far so good. The first 80 pages is about what art is and talks about the differences between academic and real world drawings/paintings, and once you get past that he doesn't even dispense techniques on drawing. Rather, he explains the ideas and thought-process behind them. It's good so far, I'm about halfway through it.

Here's another J.S. Copley study, this one is more caricatured.

These are the practice sketches leading up to what you see above. This is from the painting "The Sitwell Children"

Some girl I saw walking around one of the college campus'. I have a lot more drawings but they are all scribbly gestures that no one will ever want to see. I've been caricaturing the gestures to see if I can use them for future reference to apply to drawings like the one below. One thing that I notice is that girls legs tend to be longer then men who have shorter stubbier legs. It doesn't apply to everyone but it sure is interesting to think about!

Caricatures at a bar.

More bar caricature, when the girl on the top of the page saw her drawing she was very upset. However, to my surprise she didn't know that caricature is making fun at the models features.

These were done today. These are just weird looking kids I found in a magazine.

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