Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Billions and Billions

if you ask me Carl Sagan is one of the most brilliant people of the later 20th century. no one has really instilled a deep passion for learning and knowledge more than he did. And I'm really hoping that I get the complete "Cosmos" DVD for Christmas this year (crossing my fingers!). Anyway I worked yesterday on a caricature of him, unlike Nina who has easy-to-exaggerate features... Sagan, not so much. It took me a while but i got pretty close with the last two (below), i might continue to work on him.

I'm going to try and make them more like the Sagan on the right where his head is more square and fat.

Below are my first attempts at drawing Mr. Sagan. the one on the upper right was by far the best out of these first attempts. I have a weird Spock looking one, one Alfalfa-esque, and the other one has a more Richard Dawkins kind of thing going on. the first thing my eyes went to was his eyes, brows, and nose so i first focuse my attention there. I was also working on his smirk that he always seems to have.

Second page i'm getting closer working on his cheeks. That "Gah!" you see is me expressing frustration on the page, i do that sometimes.

This is the second to last page i worked on, i decided to just take a picture and draw it not as cartoony but still exaggerating on features so i know where to apply emphasis. As it turned out my eyebrows were a little off and he needed a buldge on the chin which I was also putting to far down.
It still needs some work but until then enjoy Mr. Sagan explaining numbers that are more than billions and billions!


  1. CARL SAGAN RULEZZZ! I <3 "the Cosmos." Its a shame he has such a evil looking face. It doesn't help his cause very much, I don't think. I like that you posted all your trys on his face and stuff. That takes guts, mi amigo. Billions and Billions of guts. If you want my opinion, and you very well may not. I think you're making a big mistake by leaving out his bottom lip. Thats all I got. Keep rockin.

  2. oh no, actually your opinion is very helpful! I will try and do that. Actually i just got the entire Cosmos Series on DVD so now i'll have lots of frame grabs and good references!

    I like to post the tries, i wish more people did, seeing the process is fun!