Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Working on It - Reading List

I wish i uploaded more regularly, I'll try my best but I have been pretty busy, now i have a job,and i've been reading a lot more, mostly on drawing and animation.

I just got "Drawn to Life: The Walt Stanchfeild Lectures" it has some helpful tips and tricks as well as many illustrated references. I might scan some pages in, the only problem i have with the book is for me there's a lot unnecessary text, so much so that I've taken a highlighter to it's pages (something i normally don't do with books) and adding sticky notes to summarize certain pages.

The book has an extreme emphasis on gesture drawing and caricature. Other things he wants artists to hone down is avoiding tangents, thinking in three dimensions, simplifying your drawings, and stretch & squash. The book is 400 pages and as of now I'm only on page 83, and this is just one of a two volume set (yeesh!).

Also on my reading list i got "The Natural Way to Draw" by Nicolaides also with lots of gesture emphasis, and "The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" which needs to introduction, however skimming threw it Dr. Edwards seems to be more interested in contour gesture, but still had many useful-looking exercises, my older sister has read it and she says that it gets you used to drawing what you see and to feel your way around a drawing as opposed to what many people do which is draw "symbols" of things.

Anyway, I'm sure your very tired of me talking about books here are some overdue doodles.

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